Why Akubo IT

As our companies grow, so does the amount of information we need to keep track of.  And a critical amount of that information are our company IT assets.

Many of these information are stored in various files, across different staff, and sometimes even on post-it notes on notebooks and/or drawers.  Having a central repository for all these information will not only save you the headache of knowing where to look, but will also save you time when it's time to look for this information.  It will also allow you to have a process to follow when purchasing new laptops, creating new passwords, and tracking who has access to those passwords (so when an employee leaves, those passwords can be immediately changed).

Akubo IT was born out of a need we saw from the IT services industry as we saw our clients grapple with trying to find all of these IT related information, and trying various means to keep them organized from Word or Excel documents, to using various software apps to manage this info.  Akubo IT is one centralized software app to manage this information and we use it ourselves everyday.  We hope you will find Akubo IT as essential to your company as we have.