Password Management

1. Filters – Filter by Employee, Category and Deleted Passwords.

2. Folders – Actions: Move to Folder, Remove from Folder, Delete Password and Create New Folder. Navigate to password folders by clicking the folder name on the menu.

3. Show/Hide Names – Show or hide password owner’s name.

Unchecked: Names are displayed

Checked: Names are hidden

4. Password List – Displays the list of passwords owned and shared to the user.

Show or Hide Passwords – Click the Show/Hide password icon to reveal or hide password. Refer to the images below.

5. Toggles – Toggle between Company and Personal passwords.

6. Recent – Display list down recently added, edited and accessed passwords.

7. Refresh – Used to display updated list of passwords.

8. New Password – Create a new password.

Refer to this guide to create a new password:

New Password