Edit Passwords

Follow these steps to edit passwords

Step 1. Click the row of the password you want to edit. In this example we are editing jean’s password.

Step 2. Click Edit Password on the upper-right hand corner.

Step 3. You can edit any of the given fields but for this example we will update the Password, Company/Organization, Notes and Permissions. You also need to state a reason for editing the password.

  • Copy Copy to clipboard – this copies the password to your clipboard (you can then paste the password to a login screen)
  • Show Password Show/Hide – click to show password in plain text
  • Generate Password Generate Password – use this if you want to automatically generate a randomized password

Step 4. Permissions. You give groups or individuals access to your password.

For Groups click on Select Group menu, select a group that you want then click Add Group to give access (view, edit, or manage).

For Individuals you have to type their names on Find Employee text field then click Add Employee to give access (hidden, view, edit or manage).

Step 5. Click Update Password to save.

Updated password:


To view logs history simply follow Step 1 and Step 2 from the previous instructions and click Logs/History