Create New Password

Step 1. Click Passwords on the sidebar

Step 2. Click New Password button New Password on the right side of the screen.

Step 3. Details tab Details

  • Name field (required) – name or title of your password entry
  • Username (required) – username of the account
  • Password (required) – password of the account
    • Copy¬†Copy to clipboard – automatically copies the password inside the text field when clicked
    • Show Password Show Password – click to show password in plain text or hide it
    • Generate Password¬†Generate Password – automatically generate a password that contains 8, 12 or 16 characters
  • Password Type (Required) – select between Company or Personal type of password — Note: Passwords you store under Personal are not visible to anyone (even to AkuboIT admin/super-users) unless you share the password (in the Permissions tab) to another user.
  • URL/Link (optional) – link to the the website where the password will be used
  • Category (optional) – category where the password belongs to
  • Password Folder (optional) – for organizing your passwords into folders
  • Note (optional) – add notes to your passwords
  • Company/Organization (optional) – could be used if the login requires the name of the company or organization that the password belongs to

Step 4. Permissions tab Permissions (optional).

  • Groups – share passwords with certain groups in the company


  • Select Group – allows you to select a group that can access the password

Select Group

  • Share with Group – select the level of access that the group can have (View, Edit or Manage)

Share with Group

  • Remove Group – hover on the list of groups and click the Remove Icon icon to remove a group

Remove Group

  • Individuals – share passwords with individuals/employees in the company


  • Find Employee – type the name of the employee in the text field and select from the suggestions

  • Share with employee – select the level of access that the employee can have (View, Edit or Manage)

Share with Employee

  • Remove Employee – hover on the list of individuals and click the Remove Icon icon to remove an employee

Step 5. Click Save Password Save Password after you are done with Details and Permissions.